Sometimes he is also expected to work on activities numerous than these. Considering this, those looking for full-stack developer jobs should be ready to respond to the following interview questions. An application server is a software framework that allows the creation of both web applications and server environments.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

Other major topics that may be a part of the interview are access management, deployment strategies (Blue-green, canary, etc.), alerting, and monitoring services. Data Attributes are used to store custom data private to the application or page. They allow us to store extra data on the standard, semantic HTML elements. The stored data can be used in JavaScript’s page to create a more engaging user experience.

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There are many more questions you can practice with to prepare for your Full-Stack Developer interview. Conduct a quick search online, and you’ll be able to add to your list. Multi-threading is when a CPU can execute multiple threads within a program concurrently, using the same processing capacity. You might also want to explain what a thread is to show you aren’t just regurgitating jargon. Explain the reactive programming paradigm and its advantages for web development. DevOps is a technique that aims to build coordination to streamline software development and IT operations.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

It separates the business-specific logic (Model component) from the presentation layer (View component) from each other. For a fresher, things are generally not as tight as for a mid-level or a senior professional. The hiring manager tries his best to assess as much as he can through an interview as there are not many projects that such a professional can showcase. In addition to your primary programming language, it’s highly recommended that you master an additional language. The more languages you know, the more approaches and best practices you have access to. Starting from the very first work day, I’m really into simplifying the complex, effective troubleshooting, failing fast, and learning from each small task.

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A thread is defined as the single, sequential flow of the control within a program. In a running program, a thread may have to dig some of its resources. On the other hand, host objects are environment-specific JavaScript objects, varying according to the machine environment we use.

  • For example, the execution stack and program counter must belong to that thread.
  • It mostly exists in a table format but can also refer to special values for objects in programming languages.
  • Next, we define a function called myFunction() that multiplies an undeclared variable x by 2 and returns the result.
  • Other major topics that may be a part of the interview are access management, deployment strategies (Blue-green, canary, etc.), alerting, and monitoring services.
  • The support for unit testing is limited in the MVC pattern, whereas unit testing is highly supported in the MVP pattern.
  • Optimize your software development capabilities by adding top talents from one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world; let our experience work for you.

Learn how browsers work, and how they render pages, along with loading and rendering optimization techniques and principles (such as CRP and RAIL model). This is typically a difficult question to answer, but a good developer will be able to go through this with ease. The core difference is GraphQL doesn’t deal with dedicated resources. The description of a particular resource is not coupled to the way you retrieve it.

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Lastly, don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to one of your interviewer’s answers. Take a deep breath, and explain that you aren’t sure off the top of your head, but you can explain exactly how you’d determine the answer through research and communication. A thread is a set of instructions that can be executed at the same time as other threads that are part of the same root process. This approach helps improve speed, for example, when implementing a machine learning algorithm. You can also relate this question to your own experience by explaining how you improved or optimized a website you created.

Be sure to answer this question honestly, but also show that you’ve done your homework and learned which programming languages they use. First, answer with your preferred language, whether it’s Python, JavaScript, or C++, and explain why. A Pascal string is a data structure used to represent and manipulate text strings in some programming languages such as Pascal. In the context of full-stack development, it might not be as prominent as some other string representation methods, but it can still be encountered or used in certain situations. An application server is a specialized software that provides a runtime environment and middleware for running enterprise-level applications. It handles the communication between the user interface, application logic, and data storage layers of an application.It provides the business logic behind any application.

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RESTful API is a popular choice in web development due to its several beneficial features and design principles that enhance the efficiency and maintainability of web services. Some of these features include Stateless, Scalable and performant, Cacheable, among others. By asking this question, recruiters want to know what you consider before choosing the tech stacks while planning a project.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

Using floats in CSS allows you to position elements (typically images) such that surrounding content can flow around them. However, when using floats, it may cause subsequent elements to flow around floated items, leading to undesired layout issues. Clearing floats is necessary to prevent such issues and ensure proper control of the layout. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc., may interpret web code differently. As a result, a web page or application that looks and functions correctly in one browser may not work the same way in another. Optimizing SQL queries means identifying the most effective techniques to enhance SQL query performance.

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To create a callback function in JavaScript, we need to pass it as a parameter to another function and call it back when the task is completed. Semantic HTML or semantic markup is the HTML that introduces the meaning to the webpage instead of just the presentation. For example, HTML elements such as header, footer, nav, main, article, p time, etc., are used to define the different sections and content on the page. Using a set is the best way to remove duplicates from an array in ES6 because it only allows you to store unique values. When you convert the array to a set, it will remove any duplicate values. Then you need to convert the set back to an array with unique values.

The function takes place when the application of the client and the requests of the server end. When a user requests a page from a dynamic website, the server runs the necessary code to generate the content for that page and sends it to the user’s browser. This allows dynamic websites to display dynamic content to users. Dynamic websites include stock broker websites, social media platforms, content management systems, etc. On the other hand, adaptive design is a design approach where a website is designed to have multiple layouts. Each layout is optimized for a specific screen size or device type.

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